Resources and FAQ's

Q: What services does Three Oaks Veterinary Services offer?
A: Here at Three Oaks Veterinary Services, we pride ourselves on  being a full-service animal hospital. We offer many services from Annual  Vaccinations, to Cold Laser Therapy, most of our services are shown  through our Our Services page, but if you have any questions on a specific service not mentioned, please call us at (352) 797-7777, or Contact Us through our website.

Q: What types of parasites can my pet get?
A: There are many different parasites that your pet can get,  including anything from tape worms, round worms, and hook worms, to  sarcoptic mange as well as many others. All of these things we can test  for and treat in our clinic.

Q: What types of animals do you treat?
A: We treat nearly all animals, there are of course some exceptions  to the rule, including primates and some large animal. If you have any  questions please call us at (352) 797-7777 for further clarification. 

Q: How old should my puppy/kitten be for its first set of vaccines?
A: For puppies we typically  recommend that they be 8 weeks old to receive their first set of  vaccines, and they typically will receive booster sets at 12 and 16  weeks. For kittens we also typically recommend that they be 8 weeks old  to receive their first set of vaccines, and they typically will receive  booster sets at 12 and 16 weeks as well.

NOTE:  The answers provided above are intended as resources only. They are not  a substitute for professional veterinary care. We recommend calling our  office if you have any questions, at (352) 797-7777